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New Inventory

2018 Kenny Hill Signature, Indian Rosewood/Cedar Double-Top______________________________$7,500 USD

Michael Cadiz, Indian Rosewood/Spruce_________________________________________________$5,800 USD

Yulong Guo Concert, Ziricote/Cedar, 640mm Double Top____________________________________$6,000 USD

​Kenny Hill Performance, Indian Rosewood/Cedar, 640mm, Last One___________________________$5,500 USD

2017 Gary Zimnicki Classical Guitar, Spruce/Cocobolo______________________________________$6,000 USD

Rafel Turkowiak, 650mm, Ziricote/Western  Spruce_________________________________________$4,800 USD

Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Double-Top, 650mm, Indian Rosewood/Cedar or Spruce____________$4,600 USD

Yulong Guo Chamber Concert, Torres Bracing, Double-Top__________________________________$4,600 USD

A. Echoes Yulong Guo designed Double-Top, Cedar/Ziricote_________________________________$2,400 USD

A Echoes Yulong Guo designed Double-Top, Spruce/Ziricote_________________________________$2,400 USD

Zebulon Turrentine, 650mm, Indian Rosewood/Cedar, 650mm________________________________$5,500 USD

Alejandro Cervantes Master Series Fleta, Cocobolo/Spruce___________________________________$4,500 USD

Cervantes Concert Crossover 1, Indian Rosewood/Spruce____________________________________$2,700 USD

Cervantes Concert Crossover 1, Indian Rosewood/Cedar_____________________________________$2,700 USD

Cervantes Crossover PE. Palo Escrito/Cedar or Spruce_______________________________________$2,500 USD

Cervantes Milenia PE, Palo Escrito/Spruce or Cedar, Elevated Fretboard, Lattice Bracing, 650mm____$2,500 USD

Cervantes Concert Rodriquez in Indian rosewood/Cedar______________________________________$2,600 USD

Cervantes Rodriquez PE, Palo Escrito/Cedar, 650m__________________________________________$2,300 USD

Cervantes Hauser PE, Palo Escrito/Cedar, 650mm___________________________________________$2,300 USD

Kenny Hill Estudio, Laminate Indian Rosewood/Spruce or Cedar, All Scale Lengths________________$895 USD

Cordoba Guitars, All Models Available at can be ordered through JMG__________Please Call

Guild Guitars, All Models Available at can be ordered through JMG_______________Please Call

Almansa Guitars All Models Available at can be ordered through JMG________Please Call

Alhambra Guitars, All Models Available at can be ordered through JMG___________Please Call

Jonathan Marshall Guitar, Multiple Sizes, Customized options, and various wood choices____________Please Call


Used Inventory (Please contact me for photos and details on my used instruments)

​​​2000 Thomas Humphrey, Brazilian Rosewood/Spruce, Elevated Fingerboard, Excellent Condition____Inquire

1987 Richard Brune, Brazilian Rosewood/Spruce, Excellent Condition__________________________$10,500 USD

​John Buscarino, Bubinga/Spruce, Mint Condition___________________________________________$10,500 USD

Maurice Dupont, Brazilian/Spruce, Cutaway, Oval Sound Hole, Chambered at the sound hole________$10,000 USD

2001 Gregory Byers, Great Condition, 650mm, Indian Rosewood/Cedar_________________________$9,000 USD

Michael Cadiz, Indian Rosewood/Spruce, 650mm, Mint Condition_____________________________$5,800 USD 

2012 Martin OM-28V, Mint Condition___________________________________________________$3,500 USD

2003 Gibson Deluxe, Flame Green, Mint Condition_________________________________________$3,000 USD

1968 Deluxe Balladeer Ovation Guitar, Good Condition_____________________________________$850 USD


Bam Cases

Please contact us for a price quote on all bam has to offer________________________________________ Please Call


Oasis Humidifiers and Strings

Please contact us for a price quote on all Oasis has to offer_______________________________________ Please Call